Wednesday, November 17, 2010


1.DARK FANTASY - perfect song to set the album off.I was skeptical at first of Nicki being on the intro of the song but it wasn't bad at all .i like the extra vocals added to the hook section and the ending. the beat is crazy and its one of my favorite songs [lyrically] on the album.

2.GORGEOUS feat: kid cudi and raekwon - Cudi did a good job on the hook. The distorted verses from kanye were lyrically dope and had meaning to it.Raekwon came thru and blessed the track with that vintage cuban linx flow [how can i not appreciate that?] the guitar added during Rae's verse and towards the end gave the track more life.

3.POWER - amazing song in all categories [lyrically,production,substance]."POWER" gives me a "late registration" feeling which is my favorite kanye album. i don't think I'll ever get tired of this song ....

4.ALL OF THE LIGHTS [INTERLUDE] - i like the instruments and it builds up the momentum for ...

5.ALL OF THE LIGHTS - the horns are crazy on this! the drums are crazy ... the features are crazy even tho i cant really tell where everybody is on the track [obiviously somewhere in the background] but everything is good about this .rhianna ,cudi,alicia all killed it. this should be a big hit.

6.MONSTER - i love how everybody flows to the beat on this [even nicki] but for the record jay>kanye>Nicki... i like how it starts and ends...

7.SO APPALLED - perfect combination of flow on went off,jay went off,pusha went off,cyhi went off...swizz and rza added more to the track even without a verse. the only problem i have with "so appalled" is i cant really pick who had the best verse... #kanyeshrug. i love how its straight rap with out any singing [at all]...beat knocks too.

8.DEVIL IN A NEW DRESS - the album version is way better then the good Friday version.nothing was taken away but everything that was added did it justice. the guitar solo and Ross verse was just crazy [idk why people don't like Ross part].the production is soulful and the lyrics were on point.

9.RUNAWAY - the added samples [from the vmas] definitely was a good idea.idk how i feel about the extra long distorted part tho but i guess its not really a big deal.the hook is catchy and so are the verses.pusha did a good job fitting in on this song.

10.HELL OF A LIFE - the hook is a good look and im really feeling the production.the bridge section is dope towards the end of the song.

11.BLAME GAME - This is possibly the best song on the album for several reasons... the production is amazing,john legend's part is amazing,the chris rock skit is funny as hell, and i can tell this is a personal can feel all the emotions if u really listen to the lyrics and try to relate it to a relationship you've been in . the second verse is just next level.not to mention the song is catchy even if the concept goes over your head. the spoken word part is dope too.

12.LOST IN THE WORLD - definetly has an amazing type of sound .the new drums are way better then the leaked first i was disappointed that it only had one verse but once the song grew on me,i realized that that one verse was all it needed.the chant at the end with the drums really gives it an epic feeling.

13.WHO WILL SURVIVE IN AMERICA - im not sure why this is a seperate track from "lost in the world" but i dont have a big problem with it.gil scott heron sample was deep and had alot of meaning to it.this is probaly how kanye feels about america so i can understand why he would want this as its own track [to stand out more].

overall its an amazing album from start to finish. 4.5/5

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