Tuesday, March 3, 2009

conglomerate freestyle lyrics

This verse went over a few peoples domes so I'll do you all the favor and write out the lyrics before I go back in the lab and do the final mix......

"The key to life,its three things you gotta get
You got a lot of strength if you already know what knowledge is
On my lox shit-great thinkers should acknowledge this
Get accepted to these colleges-and saved by these scholarships
Economics-making hypothesis
A lot of speculation with this universal dollar shit
Ideas by these universal communist
Got a lot of people thinking bout the Apocalypse
I don't know the answers to Wat the problems is
Reasonable doubting-usually talkin politics
For dead presidents
Robbing banks-hostages
Im more hungry then a fuckin hippopotamus
George bush mask to remain anonymous
Gimme Wat I want a deserve -i got a list
A private jet,park it where the helicopter is
I need a pilot and a few bad model chicks
A cargo plane where all my stolen dollars is
And now I'm fleeing to the tropics quick
Are you willin to die for this
Respect my hustle
And respect my conglomerate"

Interpret it how you want(your welcome)

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