Wednesday, March 11, 2009

flight school verse....

My verse on the flight school track is crazy !!!
(not to brag or anything ,but damn smh)

"I can make you fly
R kelly only believed it
Any other professor wouldn't usually teach this
But in my classroom I can help you achieve it
Just get to class early
While them niggaz is sleeping
They was crawling
And I was already walking
When they wasn't sayin shit
I was already soaring
Like a sponge- so much of the game got absorbed in
Flight writen on the tounge of my old jordans
Originals-im an OG ballin
Born in -so ima stay fly til the coffin
Exhausted from all of the recording and the talking
So I logged in my computer and starting bloggin
Remember the days
& Remember the nights
I remember the birds
I remember the kites
I remember girls
Who never took a plane in their lives
They got with me and I bet you they remember the flights....."

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